Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Episode 12b

At Ember's perplexed look, Elpis elaborated, "You fear being alone, yet you keep to yourself, as if being by yourself is your choosing, not others abandoning you. Deep down you are comfortable living this way because you know that even when you are by yourself, you are never truly alone. You instinctually know that we are all connected to each other and all around us. Now, we must get your brain to acknowledge that, so you can let go of the fear that keeps you from being all that you can be.

You say, failing those you love, because you lack confidence in who you are. Those whose lives you touch, see what you are capable of. You can never disappoint another if you are true to yourself. If another is disappointed, it is because they are disappointed in themselves, because they have not allowed themselves to be open to the true you; they see life with blinders on. They do not understand themselves. It is in your human nature to expect too much, especially in these modern times. It is one of mankind's big flaws. It weakens them by not allowing them to see the infinite possibilities. But then your species comes by it naturally, the gods from which you are created are no better. One would "hope" we'd set a better example," she ended with a chuckle that got no response.

Ember had been listening intently and stared wide-eyed, not catching the attempt Elpis made to add humor. "Dear sweet Ember, you really must lighten up a bit. Yes, you are in a solemn place and here to learn valuable lessons, but it's not all gloom and doom. You are a natural witch, therefore, already; you have a deepened connection and understanding of everything around you."

"A what? I am not a witch! I mean Aunt Elspeth talks to ghost and has her strange private group things, but that's just her. She's eccentric. Witches aren't real," Ember exclaimed.

To this Elpis merely raised an eyebrow.

Ember continued, "they are just made up stories, movies... made up by close-minded people... aren't they?"

"Yes, there are the made-up, sensationalized and superstitious versions. But, real witches do exist and there are many varieties. I'm sure before now, you didn't think Greek Gods were real either."

Ember grinned sheepishly, "No, I didn't. Wait. Is that why I can create a flame in my hand?

Elpis smiled, "That is just one of many gifts you have. They will come to you when you need them and are ready to handle them. Magick is in all things, but it is a gift and must be respected. Most do not ever get the ability to tap into their magick and the magick around them. You must enter this journey with perfect love and perfect trust. You must understand that love for all things is what makes life worth living. You possess that innocent wonder that openly embraces this. As time goes on, you will face challenges that will make you question everything you know and make you question what love is, is it worth it? I believe you are up to the challenge. Your heart is not just fiery passion, it is pure. Let that be your guide. Secondly, you must have perfect trust (pausing) in yourself. Believe in yourself, your intuition. It is strong. You must trust mankind, which will not be easy. You will face let downs. You will encounter the best and the worst in your fellow man. Yet you will have to trust that in every person there is good and love. That must be your guide always. Remember, that sometimes what appears evil is merely a mask to hide the insecurity of one who has never had anyone believe in them. In some that mask cannot be penetrated but that does not mean we shouldn't try to see beneath it."

Ember let out the breath she had been holding while Elpis spoke. "You believe in me?"

"I do. Now, you must believe in you. As a funny little character in one of your movies said, 'there is no try only do.' Release your doubts. You can still keep all your questions; I know you cannot release those, "she ended with a broad smile. Her faith was infectious and Ember felt she had a new strength flowing through her. 

"I am ready for whatever I must face." Ember stated, stopping herself before she said, she would try. Choosing to make a statement rather than being non-committal gave her a confidence in herself and a resolve that she hadn't felt before. 

"Then walk with me, there are two very important people you need to meet. They have been waiting a long time to be with you again." Elpis took her hand and they began walking. For the first time, Ember realized that they were in a place full of colors and light, muted shapes of people, animals and things surrounded them. She could not quite make them out even though some were only inches away from her. She squinted, trying to bring them into focus, but they eluded her. 

Stay tuned for the more of Ember's journey in the Dew....

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