Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Episode 12a

.... at the touch of the hand, Ember felt a sense of ease wash over her. She allowed herself to be guided through the reflective surface. The first thing she noticed was the small hand holding hers. The fingers were long with short unpolished nails. The skin appeared smooth as marble and it gave off a soft yellow glow. The glow spread, illuminating the bare arm, then the delicate, striking woman standing before her. Although the woman's face was plain, she was stunning, with warm brown eyes that matched the long wavy brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. Her hair seemed alive, as if it were moving. As Ember stood mesmerized by this strange woman, she could almost make out fields of blooming flowers in the strands of her hair. The woman wore a long cream colored shroud, draped over one shoulder. It, too, seemed to be in constant motion. Even the flower band that held the garment to her waist seemed to be blossoming.

  "Who are you?" Ember whispered; the warmth and yellow glow sliding over her as she stood transfixed. She felt safe and at peace, and instinctively knew she would as long as she held this woman's hand. No, she looked like a woman, but Ember could sense she wasn't human like herself.

"I am Elpis and you are one of my chosen. " When Elpis spoke, her voice was strong yet soft and resonated with the same warmth and soothing quality her presence exuded.

 "Elpis? Your chosen? I don't understand what that means."

" I am the Goddess of Hope. When Zeus chose to punish man, because Prometheus stole fire, he had the first woman created, Pandora and gave her to Prometheus' brother along with a beautiful jar and the instructions that it should never be opened. But he knew that curiosity was too great a temptation and the jar was opened and a thousand plagues were unleashed unto man. I, too, was one of those plagues against man, but I choose to remain in the jar."

"Wait, if you are a plague, why do I feel so at peace around you? Should I not be afraid?" Ember interrupted.

Elpis smiled, " No, my daughter, I understood the good in mankind's soul, which is why I chose to remain in the jar.. so that no matter how hard life gets, mankind may always have hope. In doing so, I was transformed from a plague to a Goddess." She paused and laid a hand on Ember's heart, "I chose you to be one of my Priestess', because of the passion and humanity you hold in your soul. You and your family will carry on my message. You will be the fire that sets hope ablaze in the hearts of modern people. You have much to learn before you are ready to take on mankind's projected plight."

"Why me? I'm just one woman. People don't listen to me. I'm not even social. I ...."

Elpis pressed a finger to Ember's lips, silencing her and smiled. " You are greater than you know. You must understand, while it is okay to ask your many questions, you will only receive the answers when the time is right and your are ready for them.  For now you must learn to face your greatest fears. Only then, will you understand the strength within yourself."

"You sound like Triskele. But, oh, I'm not very strong. I fear everything!" Ember protested.

Elpis let out a melodic laugh, "you are far stronger than you realize or will admit. I would not have chosen you, if you were not. What is it you fear the most?"

"Um, well spiders, okay well bugs in general, mean people..." Elpis simply cocked her head to one side and in her mind, Ember heard her nudge, "No , what is your deepest fear Ember? You must acknowledge them to overcome them."

Ember closed her eyes and searched deep within herself. She knew what her deepest fears were, but to acknowledge out loud was daunting. "I'm afraid of ending up alone, and of failing those I love," she admitted, barely above a whisper.


It was only one word, but the heaviness weighed on Ember.

The conversation continues tomorrow......

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  1. Ooh Something big this way, comes. I have to say it again. Ooh!!!

  2. Thanks, Anna. I'm finally getting back into the writing swing. lots of interesting stuff on the way.