Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Episode 12b

At Ember's perplexed look, Elpis elaborated, "You fear being alone, yet you keep to yourself, as if being by yourself is your choosing, not others abandoning you. Deep down you are comfortable living this way because you know that even when you are by yourself, you are never truly alone. You instinctually know that we are all connected to each other and all around us. Now, we must get your brain to acknowledge that, so you can let go of the fear that keeps you from being all that you can be.

You say, failing those you love, because you lack confidence in who you are. Those whose lives you touch, see what you are capable of. You can never disappoint another if you are true to yourself. If another is disappointed, it is because they are disappointed in themselves, because they have not allowed themselves to be open to the true you; they see life with blinders on. They do not understand themselves. It is in your human nature to expect too much, especially in these modern times. It is one of mankind's big flaws. It weakens them by not allowing them to see the infinite possibilities. But then your species comes by it naturally, the gods from which you are created are no better. One would "hope" we'd set a better example," she ended with a chuckle that got no response.

Ember had been listening intently and stared wide-eyed, not catching the attempt Elpis made to add humor. "Dear sweet Ember, you really must lighten up a bit. Yes, you are in a solemn place and here to learn valuable lessons, but it's not all gloom and doom. You are a natural witch, therefore, already; you have a deepened connection and understanding of everything around you."

"A what? I am not a witch! I mean Aunt Elspeth talks to ghost and has her strange private group things, but that's just her. She's eccentric. Witches aren't real," Ember exclaimed.

To this Elpis merely raised an eyebrow.

Ember continued, "they are just made up stories, movies... made up by close-minded people... aren't they?"

"Yes, there are the made-up, sensationalized and superstitious versions. But, real witches do exist and there are many varieties. I'm sure before now, you didn't think Greek Gods were real either."

Ember grinned sheepishly, "No, I didn't. Wait. Is that why I can create a flame in my hand?

Elpis smiled, "That is just one of many gifts you have. They will come to you when you need them and are ready to handle them. Magick is in all things, but it is a gift and must be respected. Most do not ever get the ability to tap into their magick and the magick around them. You must enter this journey with perfect love and perfect trust. You must understand that love for all things is what makes life worth living. You possess that innocent wonder that openly embraces this. As time goes on, you will face challenges that will make you question everything you know and make you question what love is, is it worth it? I believe you are up to the challenge. Your heart is not just fiery passion, it is pure. Let that be your guide. Secondly, you must have perfect trust (pausing) in yourself. Believe in yourself, your intuition. It is strong. You must trust mankind, which will not be easy. You will face let downs. You will encounter the best and the worst in your fellow man. Yet you will have to trust that in every person there is good and love. That must be your guide always. Remember, that sometimes what appears evil is merely a mask to hide the insecurity of one who has never had anyone believe in them. In some that mask cannot be penetrated but that does not mean we shouldn't try to see beneath it."

Ember let out the breath she had been holding while Elpis spoke. "You believe in me?"

"I do. Now, you must believe in you. As a funny little character in one of your movies said, 'there is no try only do.' Release your doubts. You can still keep all your questions; I know you cannot release those, "she ended with a broad smile. Her faith was infectious and Ember felt she had a new strength flowing through her. 

"I am ready for whatever I must face." Ember stated, stopping herself before she said, she would try. Choosing to make a statement rather than being non-committal gave her a confidence in herself and a resolve that she hadn't felt before. 

"Then walk with me, there are two very important people you need to meet. They have been waiting a long time to be with you again." Elpis took her hand and they began walking. For the first time, Ember realized that they were in a place full of colors and light, muted shapes of people, animals and things surrounded them. She could not quite make them out even though some were only inches away from her. She squinted, trying to bring them into focus, but they eluded her. 

Stay tuned for the more of Ember's journey in the Dew....

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Episode 12a

.... at the touch of the hand, Ember felt a sense of ease wash over her. She allowed herself to be guided through the reflective surface. The first thing she noticed was the small hand holding hers. The fingers were long with short unpolished nails. The skin appeared smooth as marble and it gave off a soft yellow glow. The glow spread, illuminating the bare arm, then the delicate, striking woman standing before her. Although the woman's face was plain, she was stunning, with warm brown eyes that matched the long wavy brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. Her hair seemed alive, as if it were moving. As Ember stood mesmerized by this strange woman, she could almost make out fields of blooming flowers in the strands of her hair. The woman wore a long cream colored shroud, draped over one shoulder. It, too, seemed to be in constant motion. Even the flower band that held the garment to her waist seemed to be blossoming.

  "Who are you?" Ember whispered; the warmth and yellow glow sliding over her as she stood transfixed. She felt safe and at peace, and instinctively knew she would as long as she held this woman's hand. No, she looked like a woman, but Ember could sense she wasn't human like herself.

"I am Elpis and you are one of my chosen. " When Elpis spoke, her voice was strong yet soft and resonated with the same warmth and soothing quality her presence exuded.

 "Elpis? Your chosen? I don't understand what that means."

" I am the Goddess of Hope. When Zeus chose to punish man, because Prometheus stole fire, he had the first woman created, Pandora and gave her to Prometheus' brother along with a beautiful jar and the instructions that it should never be opened. But he knew that curiosity was too great a temptation and the jar was opened and a thousand plagues were unleashed unto man. I, too, was one of those plagues against man, but I choose to remain in the jar."

"Wait, if you are a plague, why do I feel so at peace around you? Should I not be afraid?" Ember interrupted.

Elpis smiled, " No, my daughter, I understood the good in mankind's soul, which is why I chose to remain in the jar.. so that no matter how hard life gets, mankind may always have hope. In doing so, I was transformed from a plague to a Goddess." She paused and laid a hand on Ember's heart, "I chose you to be one of my Priestess', because of the passion and humanity you hold in your soul. You and your family will carry on my message. You will be the fire that sets hope ablaze in the hearts of modern people. You have much to learn before you are ready to take on mankind's projected plight."

"Why me? I'm just one woman. People don't listen to me. I'm not even social. I ...."

Elpis pressed a finger to Ember's lips, silencing her and smiled. " You are greater than you know. You must understand, while it is okay to ask your many questions, you will only receive the answers when the time is right and your are ready for them.  For now you must learn to face your greatest fears. Only then, will you understand the strength within yourself."

"You sound like Triskele. But, oh, I'm not very strong. I fear everything!" Ember protested.

Elpis let out a melodic laugh, "you are far stronger than you realize or will admit. I would not have chosen you, if you were not. What is it you fear the most?"

"Um, well spiders, okay well bugs in general, mean people..." Elpis simply cocked her head to one side and in her mind, Ember heard her nudge, "No , what is your deepest fear Ember? You must acknowledge them to overcome them."

Ember closed her eyes and searched deep within herself. She knew what her deepest fears were, but to acknowledge out loud was daunting. "I'm afraid of ending up alone, and of failing those I love," she admitted, barely above a whisper.


It was only one word, but the heaviness weighed on Ember.

The conversation continues tomorrow......

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Episode 12

As Ember made her way through the darkness with only the flame in her palm lighting a small area around her, she marvelled at the silence. The space around here was so devoid of sound, it felt as if she had completely lost her hearing. This gave way to new sensations as her other senses begin to expand. When she had started her journey into the flower portal she had been vaguely aware of how close the walls of the petal were. Now walking forward in the darkness, she was keenly aware that there was nothing but vast emptiness. As she walked in the darkness, a sudden cool breeze made goose bumps raise on her arms and extinguished the flame in her palm. She slowed her steps as she concentrated on relighting the flame to guide her. When her efforts failed to work, she chastised herself for not being able to focus.


Ember shrieked and stopped dead in her tracks as Perhluna bounced from one shoulder to the other.
"Gotcha, " he giggled.

"Haha. I should have known. Where have you been?"She tried to catch him as he popped back and forth, playfully.

"Here and there. There and here. Miss me? He paused a moment too long and Ember was able to grab him and plant a kiss on his head. "Oddly, actually... yes," she said, grinning as he wiped the kiss from his head with a look of disdain.

"Humans! Always with the hugging and kissing! Yuck, yuck, yuck!"

Laughing, "you love it and you know it, " Ember teased, before coming to an abrupt stopin front of an ornately carved wooden door. "Well hello., that came out of nowhere."

Ember reached for the large simple silver knob and as her hand wrapped around it, she felt her heart stop and instantly filled with dread. The knob was warm to the touch, yet it sent an icy chill up her arm and down her spine. She felt trapped, unable to let go of the knob, yet terrified to turn it. She instinctively knew that she must open the door and go through, yet she was frozen with fear at what awaited on the other side. She was unsure how she knew it, but she felt death beyond the door. She was overwhelmed by the sorrow and grief that were filling her. She didn't understand the emotions that were suddenly raging through her. She desperately wanted to close her eyes and re-open them to the happy banter of the moments before she stood in front of the door.

"Perh, I don't want to open it, but I can't release the knob. Do we have to go in?" Her voice was a whisper.

"We, no. This is not a place I can go. You must face the Dew alone, yet you will not be," he said with uncharacteristic reverence.

"The Do? What is the do? Do, as in a task? I feel death. Is that it? Is it a due,? A fee that must be paid? Is that it?"

"Gather yourself child. So many questions. Tsk,tsk, never waiting for answers."

"No riddles, Perh, please. This door frightens me."

"The Dew is a fearsome place, but it is enlightening as well. It is where all things must pass and be acknowledged. One must face their biggest fears... they must face themselves and come to terms with there past, present and future. The Dew has been called many things by many species... the Fade, the Veil, the Between...
It is a place out of time and a time out of place. In your world you see the evidence of it every morning. It is the tears the universe sheds in joy and sorrow each morn. It resets the rhythm of being, so the universe can begin anew. That is the Dew. Each of us comes to a point where we must face it. It has chosen this time and place for you. So I must bid you adieu."

"wait, Perh... I will see you again, won't I?"

"I be here and there, hehe, there and here..., " with that he winked, making her smile, and he disappeared. 

Ember shook her head at her silly companions riddled departure. Her hand still on the knob and her body heavy with apprehension, she slow turned the knob. She stepped back slightly as the door swung open towards her. In what should have been a doorway, was a mirror. She tentatively reached out and touched her reflection.

"Yep. It's solid. Now what? Do I just stand here and stare at myself?" She stood back looking at her reflection and turned from side to side. Then she stepped up close and stared into her own eyes. She felt slightly uncomfortable just staring at herself, as if she was supposed to be seeing something important and she was missing it. "Should I talk to it? Hello self. Now I'm talking to myself, hmmm guess I wasn't quite bonkers enough." Ember continued to stare at her reflection, making faces. She then knocked on the glass. It sounded solid enough. Pressing her hand to the surface, she tried to feel something, a vibration, a sense of what it meant. It was icy cold to the touch but  void of everything.

She felt around the edges to see if there were a hidden latch. Finally, after satisfying herself that there were no hidden triggers, she stepped back and reached to close the door. "Well this is ridiculous. It's just a mirror in a doorway. I think I know what I look like. maybe if I close it and re-open it, something will happen." 

As her hand closed on the edge of the wood, she saw a word appear across the surface of her reflection.


It looked as if someone had written it with their finger on a steamy bathroom mirror. in fact, she could almost make out what looked like a woman's delicate hand writing it out. As Ember reached out  to touch the surface again, her fingers went through and she felt a warm hand clasp hers....

To be continued....