Monday, September 17, 2012

Welcome to Wrilogonzia

In 2009, Ember and her family blossomed into my mind. Originally, her story was going to be a "round robin" with many authors as she traveled through cyberspace. Over the next year, I discovered that it was my subconscious receiving the details of her journey. As my own life became complicated, I pushed the world of Wrilogonzia to the far recesses of my mind. Now that world is pushing back into the forefront of this world and it is time for Ember's story to be told. So, here I will take you back to the where it all started and her journey will continue from there.

Ember in Wrilogonzia - A Blog Opera

What is a blog opera?
First, let me start by explaining what a "Blog Opera" is. A blog opera is an ongoing story with many writers that travels from blog to blog as the story unfolds around a few set characters with other characters coming and going as the story progresses.

Now before we begin Ember's journey, let me give you a little background information. This story is like an Alice in Wonderland meets Tron. Our main character is Ember Innocenzi and she is about to become trapped in Wrilogonzia (the blog/internet realm).

Let’s find out who Ember is. Ember Innocenzi is a 28 year old customer service representative that works from her home and rarely goes out. She shares her home with her reclusive and eccentric aunt, Elspeth, and their two cats, Nuet and Nym. Her parents were killed when she was four and her aunt has raised her along with her three other siblings. They are all three years apart in age, the oldest being her sister Fossylia and the youngest, her sister, Misty. Ember also has an older brother, Wyndel. She remembers little of her parents, only what her aunt, Fossylia and her brother, Wyndel have told her. Most of the stories involve the characters' love of nature, hence the elemental names their parents chose for their children. Except for Ember, they all possess traits of the names they were given. Fossylia is a social worker/child advocate. She is the rock of the family and those around her. Wyndle is a publicist and is always jetting around the globe for his clients. He flies through life like the wind or at times like a tornado. Misty, following her connection with water, is a marine biologist. Ember has always been the one to defy her name. She is shy and timid. She likes to stay home where she feels safe and comfortable. While close to her siblings, around others she has always been quiet and a loner. She married her college boyfriend but they divorced a year later. Physically, Ember is very average. She is 5’ 7”, 160lbs, a curvy figure. She is in great shape due to her love of martial arts and archery. Her eyes are a warm light brown and her hair has strands of many natural colors but has a strong reddish cast, when sunlight hits it just right it resembles liquid fire. Other random facts: her favorite color is orange, her favorite season is fall, she finds thunderstorms soothing and her favorite comfort food is hotdogs. Until now, Ember has simply been 'smoldering' through life. We are about to ignite her inner spark as she enters into a world where anything is possible! 

Our other main character is a creature that inhabits Wrilogonzia. It is genderless and will have the ability to pop in and out of the stories to act as a guide and companion on occasion. This creature is a Komosny, a species only found in the blog/internet realm. In appearance it looks like the aye-aye pictured below. Our Komosny is named Perhluna.

 And now, let the journey begin….


  1. Hey - welcome back. I really look forward to traveling on this journey with you.

  2. Thanks Anna! I should have the episodes you wrote up in a few days.