Monday, September 17, 2012

Episode 1

“I do not need to go out and meet people. I have plenty of friends, thank you very much.” Ember told her brother Wyndel, irritably..

“Those people you talk to online, aren’t real. Ember, you need to get out of the house have interaction with flesh and blood people,” Wyndel chided through the phone.

“Wyn, you just don’t understand. I go out ….. occasionally, I’m just not comfortable around a lot of people. I like my solitude. And I have interaction with real people. Aunt Elspeth has people over all the time and I hang out with you and Fossylia and the kids.. Oh and remember just last summer I went to the coast with Misty for a whole month. Besides, my online friends are real. They understand me in a way nobody else does. I can be myself with them.”

“Ok, Ember, make your excuses. But when I get to town next week, we are going out. And you will enjoy it! “ Ember hears a muffled voice through the phone. “hey, Em I have to run. I love you. Give Ellie a hug for me. See you next week!”

“Lo….ve…you too, “ Ember says into the now dead air. “Online people aren’t real. You need to get out more. You should go on a date, be more social….yadda, yadda, yadda…. Well, you think I’m social enough, don’t you Nym?” Ember picks up the fuzzy tortoiseshell cat curled up on her keyboard. Nuzzling the long soft hair as a loud rumbling begins to emit from Nym. “Yes, you love me just the way I am. And speaking of my ‘unreal’ online friends, hmph, I need to catch up on some blogs.” Turning the computer on, Ember lays Nym in her lap as she begins typing in her email password.

After a few hours of reading and commenting, Ember’s head begins to nod as she is reading another of her favorite bloggers. Soon she is sound asleep; her head resting on her arms.

“What the…” Ember exclaims as she finds herself in a heap under a small bridge.

“Hey are you okay?”

Ember looks around, trying to orientate herself and locate where the voice is coming from. “I have to be dreaming.” She pinches herself. “Ow. Ok that was stupid. Why do they always do that in movies. Of course I can feel it. It’s my dream, duh…”

“ Do you always talk to yourself like this, or did your tumble rattle a few marbles loose?”

There’s that delicious voice again. Ember looks to her right and sees a man in a wheelchair rolling to the end of the small bridge. All around them are trees and flowering shrubs lining a path with stone benches. I must be in some sort of park, she thinks to herself. As she stands up and steps closer to the man she recognizes him, “Oh my God, you’re Jude Law!”

“Excuse me? You must have me mistaken for someone else. I’m Jerome. Jerome Morrow.” Jerome says in that wonderful lilting voice as he extends his hand.” And you are?”

“But…you…look…..I’m sorry, I’m Ember.. Innocenzi.” Ember shakes his hand as she mutters, “and this is one weird dream,” under her breath.

Jerome chuckles. “Well, I admit I haven’t been called a dream in quite some time, so thank you.” He slowly runs his eyes over her invitingly curvy frame, taking in her black tank top, star covered flannel pants and bright purple plaid socks. But it his disheveled mass of long hair that captivates him with it's deep red color and hints of copper, honey and gold.

“Oh, I didn’t mean you… well, not that you’re not a dream, but…. I’ll just be quiet now,” Ember stammers, chiding herself. She feels the color rising in her cheeks as she follows his glance and realizes she is still wearing what she must have fallen asleep in.

"It’s alright, I understand. Really. Before the accident, I suppose I was a dream. Now the chair is a bit off putting, isn’t it?”

“Noooo! It’s not that. It’s just this isn’t real. I mean it can’t be. I must be dreaming, it’s just…..” Embers voice trails off as she again focuses on her surroundings. The lamp post lining the past cast a warm light on the path, leaving the surrounding woods and grassy areas in shadows. On one tree she sees an odd looking creature watching her. It’s huge eyes seeming to burst from it’s head as it’s floppy ears make it appear to be winking at her when they fall across it’s gaze. It’s finger like hands grip the trunk as it climbs forward for a better look. Then it does the strangest thing. It smiles at her before it disappears. Ember shakes her head and looks again. No way, she thinks to herself.. She turns to Jude… Jerome, “did you see that?

“Sorry?” Oh, he is handsome when he turns his head that way and looks at me….focus!

“Over there on that tree, there was an animal and then it just went poof and was gone.”

“Are you sure you didn’t hit your head when you fell? There’s nothing there.” He says with a look of concern.

Before she can respond a beautiful blonde woman, who looks a lot like Uma Thurman runs up to them. “Jerome, what are you doing out here? If they catch you they’ll lock you away. Where’s Vincent?”

“Haven’t seen him tonight love. I’m sure he can handle himself. No need to worry about me. Know one is out here except this lovely young lady. Cassini, Ember. Ember,Cassini. And why are you running?”

“ We must hurry, Gattaca Security is not far behind me. We have to leave now.” Cassini anxiously says as she grabs the back of the wheel chair and begins pushing Jerome across the bridge as he protest. She pauses to say to Ember, “Sorry, we must go. You don’t look like you belong here. Do you have your papers?” At Ember’s puzzled look, Cassini continues, “then you better come with us. Hurry, if they catch you without papers they’ll make you disappear.”

Ember begins to follow, but as she reaches the other side of the bridge her vision blurs……

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