Friday, January 9, 2015

Episode 16c- Fortress Twig- Setting the Escape in Motion

Ember, are you there?

Finally. Although it was only a few hours, it seemed like an eternity.

Ember quickly typed, I’m here.

Miss me? lol, just kidding.  I think I have everything we need on my end set up. Once I open the rift, I don’t know how long it will stay open. It may be permanent or it may collapse after a time, but you should have at least 30 minutes, so I won’t set it in motion until I know you are somewhat ready on your end. Now on your side it may be a little tricky. I have done a little research and there are some people you can go to there. They will help. They are good people and stand up for those who have been wrongly targeted in the past. Do you know Anthony West, Jessie Blesswick, John Manor, Greta Clementine, Mark Madison and Crystal Reeves?

Ember glanced around and visually located the people Seth mentioned. She had not been introduced to them but she knew who they were.

Crystal is my supervisor and I know who the others are. I was warned that Crystal is very loyal and dedicated to the company and I don’t know if I can trust her. I do have someone I think I can trust to help but having more will definitely be an asset. How many can we take with us?

 It is good that you already know someone. From what I gathered, Crystal is very loyal, however she is a champion for others and is selfless. She will do what is in the best interest of those she cares for. You can consider all six champions. They may seem to follow the company line but they have ways of looking out for others without the bad ones noticing. There are many around you who are good, but these are the ones who go out of their way to do the right thing.

Do you know where the elevator is and can you access it unseen?  That is where the rift will be. There seems to be a strange power source in its location. You will need to send it up to another floor, then pull open the outer doors from outside once it has ascended. There will be a void underneath where rests at the bottom of the shaft. You jump into that void. I have no way of knowing where it will come out but you will be free of that place. I don’t know how many can go through or if you will all end up in the same place. Those going with you should know the risk. I’ll wait for you to get ready before I open the rift.

 OK. But wait… I have so many questions I’d like to ask you. I don’t know if I will be able to at a later time. Like how can you see? Can anyone else? Can you get a message to my family? Why are you helping me?

Well… I don’t know really. I write code and programs. Do a little hacking here and there, but don’t tell anyone that. I seem to have stumbled on a thread that is connected to you somehow. I can follow it and find you sometimes. I haven’t been able to figure out how it works or maybe I can do more. I believe you are stuck in cyber space somehow, so if I can track you to the website you are in, then I can usually write something into the site. If when you leave this place you are still in the cyber dimension then I should be able to reach you, although we may not be able to communicate directly like this. I haven’t seen any signs of anyone else tracking you, so I don’t think anyone else can see you the way I can. As for your family, I can definitely get a message to them, but they may think I’m a crazy person. I’ll just need a name.

Hmm. That sorta makes sense I guess. Her name is Elspeth Innocenzi in Epirotes Falls and she won’t think you’re crazy. She’s very eccentric and is a psychic. Now my brother and sisters, they would probably think you were crazy, but if you can contact Aunt Elspeth, she can tell the others. I just want them to know I’m okay, so not to worry, I’ll be home before they know it. I hope at least. Also that I miss them and that I love them.

Thank you for doing this. It means the world to me. Okay, I’m going to go round up my champions. I’ll let you know when we are ready to go.

Ember locked her computer screen and went to find Bridget.

After talking with Bridget, they decided to divide and conquer. Ember went to Anthony, Jessie and John, while Bridget talked to Greta, Mark and Crystal. The plan was for everyone to meet in the break room in 30 minutes to plot their escape.



  1. And the suspense builds. However, trust is an issue here. Would you jump into a void on the word of someone you met online once? Hmmm But don't let me throw a monkey wrench into your story - I like it.

  2. That is an excellent point! Would I? No, but then I can admit my life experience has made me less trusting. For Ember, before this adventure began she led a very shy, sheltered life so she still takes people at face value. We'll see if this has negative effects in her future journey.