Monday, June 9, 2014

Episode 15 - Fortress Twig

As Ember sat and looked at the doors, she tried to decide how to pick one. She wanted to sneak a peak into each one before she chose, but she knew she wouldn't get off that easy. No, it was going to be, make a decision and go for it. But how could she choose? There could be something good or something horrible on the other side. She closed her eyes for a long time and visualized the doors. Maybe one would stand out to her that way. She opened her eyes just a crack and peeked. Yep, they are still all there.

"Ok, Ember. Time to get up and make a decision. You can't sit around in a field all day." She stood up and stretched her legs. and slowly spun around to see each of the doors again. She decided that since she didn't get a gut feeling about any of the doors and had no idea how to logically choose one that she would close her eyes and spin around many times and when she stopped and opened her eyes, the door in front of her would be the one she opened.

She closed her eyes and slowly began turning as she tried to clear her mind of all thoughts. She wasn't sure how many times she had turned when she felt a pull to stop. She steadied herself, straightened her posture and let out a deep breath before opening her eyes. Before her is the double doors of carved vines and flowers. She walked up to the doors and listened. There was no sound coming from the other side. "Well, here I go..." she said as she turned the latched and pushed the door in.
Ember was bombarded with the sounds and sights of dozens of people bumbling about. As she looked around she felt as though she had stepped back in time. She was in a courtyard of such. All around her were people pushing carts, tending to horses and milling about. Oddly, she thought she saw a small group of people standing to the side smoking cigarettes. The physicality of the place looked like a medieval castle but the people were dressed relatively modern.

Before she could take another step forward, a tiny cheerful woman was before her. She had chin length curly brown hair that looked like a million cork screws. Her eyes were big and framed by what could have only been false eyelashes, yet the rest of her face was plain and seemed to be devoid of make-up. She was dressed in a bright yellow floral print dress that stopped above her knees and was synched at the waist. Her arms looked like small sticks poking out from the puff sleeves and her spindly legs wobbled on top of what had to be four inch platform heels. Even with the heels, the top of her head only came up to Ember's nose.  Ember was tempted to touch her to see if she was real because she looked like a human version of Minnie Mouse.

"Hi!! You must be new here!" the overly jubilant woman exclaimed. "We are the welcoming committee. What is your name?"

"I'm Ember. Where is here?"

"Why this is Fortress Twig, of course! I'm Tasha Rancorous, this is Anita Knavish and this is Shamra Follows."

"I'm Shamra Follows," repeated the slight woman standing behind Tasha. Shamra looked nervous and out of place. She was about the same height as Ember, but next to Tasha, she seemed small. She was dressed in a navy blue pinstripe suit and her dark brown hair was plastered into a very tight bun at the back of her head. It looked almost painful pulled back from her face.

Tasha's face had taken on a pinched appearance as she pursed her tiny lips in disapproval at Shamra. "Shamra, what have a told you about repeating things after me?"

"I'm sorry, Tasha. I'm trying to be better," she replied, her voice cracking and tears appearing in her eyes.

Tasha, had not even looked at Shamra when she reproached her. She was still sizing up Ember. "So, Ember, what brings you here, to our wonderful abode?"

"I'm not sure exactly. I have been on a journey of sorts and this is where I ended up," she said with a shrug.

"Oh my, that sounds exciting! You must tell us all about it, but first let's get you inside. You must be tired and hungry. Come girls!" She looped her arm with Ember's and pulled her toward the frosted glass doors of the large wooden building across the courtyard, before motioning the others to follow. Robotically, Shamra fell into step, as the one who must be Anita quietly followed.


  1. Now this is an interesting setting.

  2. Just wait, the inside of Fortress Twig will be completely unexpected.